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We cover topics ranging from how to plan your campus visits to how to approach admissions interviews. And we do it all so that you can make the most of your search for colleges.

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Go See Campus When Choosing a College

Learn the major reasons to visit campus in your search for schools.

College Trips as Part of Your Search

Read our guide on how to use Go See Campus along with other activities and resources to find the right college.

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College Advice on Planning Trips

College Visits: Challenges and Solutions for High School Students

Learn about four common trip planning challenges and how Go See Campus' tools can help you solve them.

Trying to Decide How Many Colleges to Visit? Let Your College Map Be Your Guide.

Read our tips on getting the most out of your visits and avoiding major pitfalls along the way.

College Road Trip: What to Pack Before You Visit Campus

Check out Go See Campus' recommendations for what high school students and parents should pack for their college visits.

Visiting Colleges? Travel Advice for a Great Road Trip.

Are you driving from school to school? Put your search into high gear and get our best tips for visiting colleges.

Plan Campus Visits: Two Strategies for Your College Trip

This guide offers newcomers to college trip planning two different options for structuring their visits: one according to their availability, and one that prioritizes specific visit activities, such as Open House events.

Self-Guided Campus Tours VS College-organized Activities

Should you sign up for admissions activities like campus tours? Or, should you experience the campus on your own? Learn what four colleges have to say.

College Campus Tour Planning: How Students, Parents, and Professionals Can Work Together

Learn how high school students, parents, counselors, and independent educational consultants can work together to create an unforgettable college campus tour.

4 Outstanding Reasons for Juniors to Make College Visits

Touring schools now—in the fall or spring of your junior year—offers some important advantages over waiting until the summer or your senior year. Learn why.

Stay Overnight at a College During a Campus Visit.

Have a great experience that can help you in your college search. Learn how to make the most of your overnight visit experience on campus.

Want to Play in College? Meet with a Coach on a Campus Visit

High school athletes who are considering playing at the college level will want to check out our advice on meeting with a coach during the college search.

University Tours During the Summer: Explore the Benefits

Visiting colleges in June, July, and August can give you opportunities that you wouldn't have at other times of the year. See how.

College Advice on Making the Most of Trips

Campus Visit, Conquered: See Colleges and Leave Stress at Home

Make your college campus visit a valuable, memorable experience. Learn three principles high school students and parents can use to reduce stress along the way.

Explore Colleges During Campus Visit Days

Visit days include several campus visit activities you might otherwise have to plan individually. Learn about the advantages and how you can participate in these programs.

Six Great Things To Do When You Visit Campus

Get details on some of the most important activities available to you on visits to schools.

What to Ask During a University Tour

Taking a tour of campus? Then take our list of key questions with you.

Have Questions for College Students? Learn How to Connect With Them When You Visit Campus.

Part of what makes visiting colleges such an important experience is learning about student life. Find out how you can make these connections during your trip.

Residence Hall Tours: What to Look For In Your College Search.

Your future living space can tell you a lot about what to expect if you enroll.

Advice on Attending College Classes

Check out what to expect from classroom visits as part of your trip to campus.

Meeting with a College Professor During Your Campus Visit.

Aside from sitting in on classes, some professors invite prospective students to discuss their academic interests and programs in one-on-one meetings. Learn more about these opportunities.

3 Differences Between a Campus Visit to a Big and Small College

As part of your college search, you may plan campus visits to a variety of schools, including universities with large and small student bodies. Before you go, find out about the differences you can expect between these colleges.

Campus Tour Time? Four Tips to Help an Uncertain High Schooler Have an Incredible Experience

A few simple steps can make the campus tour a less overwhelming, more meaningful experience. Get our advice.

College Tips For Parents on Campus Visits (Part 1 of 2)

Read about some of the factors that matter most to Mom and Dad during a college trip and how they compare to what students expect out of their visits.

College Tips For Parents on Campus Visits (Part 2 of 2)

We asked parents, "What is your top piece of advice when visiting colleges?" See what they have to say before you hit the road with your student.

Advice on Finding and Applying to Colleges

Going On a Trip to College? Here are Six Underrated Ways to Decide If a School is Right For You.

Go See Campus shares even more ways to determine whether a college is a good match for your interests.

What to Do After College Visits

Now that you are back from your visits to colleges, get the most from your trip by doing some important follow-through.

Get to Know the Admissions Staff

See how you can connect with the representatives that make the decisions on your applications.

Campus Visits and Your College Applications

Explore our advice on using your campus visit experiences as part of your college admissions applications.

Which College Is Right for Me?

Get tips on how to evaluate your options and how to choose a college that offers everything you want from your experience.

Campus Tours after You've Been Accepted to College

find out how to make the most of your visits to a college after you’ve received admission.

Five Great College Search Tips from Independent Educational Consultants

Learn from experts how to make the most of your college search.

Finding College Options: How Your Friends Can Help or Hurt Your Search

Are your friends helping you learn about and get excited for applying to colleges… or are they keeping you from making the best choices for yourself?

Applying to College? Facebook and Twitter May Affect the Decision.

Social media is changing the way we communicate with one another. It's also providing new opportunities and challenges for college applicants. Here's how to be prepared.

Prepare for Your College Interview

Learn the best ways to get ready for your interview. Then read our advice on how to Make a Great Impression in Your College Interviews.

Make a Great Impression in Your College Interviews

If you have already read Prepare for Your College Interview, check out our tips on how to make the most of your time with admissions.

The Admissions Interview: Three Factors Colleges Consider

Preparing for a college admissions interview? Learn about three factors on which many schools focus and how to use them in getting ready for your conversation.

Extracurricular Activities: What They Mean in College Admissions

Many schools have a long-standing tradition of asking prospective students to share their interests in application materials. Here are some of the reasons why.

Campus Life at Cold Weather Colleges (1 of 2)

Get first-hand insights from alumni of cold weather colleges about campus life and the best reasons to consider these schools.

College Campus Tours and Cold Weather Colleges (2 of 2)

Learn from alumni what to expect at a cold weather college and how to get the most from your campus tours.

Finding a College this Summer: 5 Quick Tips for Juniors

High school juniors, get the most out of summer with five quick ways to set yourself up for success in your college search.

College Visits in New York City

Get our college advice on exploring New York City, getting around town, and visiting campuses.

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