College Trips as Part of Your Search

Here is your guide for using college trips to help you decide on a school. We show you ways to take advantage of Go See Campus along with other activities and resources. The goal is to make learning about schools, visiting campus, and picking the right university as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

Use this article, along with our College Visit Tools and Resources page, to kick your search into high gear!

Develop Your Search Plan (Including the Role that College Trips Will Play)

Many high school college counselors recommend that students begin by developing a plan for their search. Likely, this plan will be based around a timeline for admissions-related activities, including:

  • research into colleges,
  • taking standardized tests,
  • completing applications,
  • going on college trips, and, of course,
  • making final decisions.

By junior year of high school, it is important that the student be pursuing the steps above. Students can create their plans for selecting and applying to colleges by working with college advisors and parents. 

Having a plan makes it easier to decide when to go see colleges. It also makes it easier for a student to check his/her progress to make sure that admissions activities are on track.

Find the Right Schools To Visit on Your College Trips

It's time to work your plan. This means reviewing resources recommended by college advisors and other parents and students who know the admissions process. Go See Campus offers an assortment of guidebooks that can give you information about universities you might consider as well as ways to approach test-taking, applications, scholarships, and financial aid.

You can use these resources to get a sense of what you are looking for in a university. Pinpointing your key criteria, such as school location, degree programs offered, and average standardized test scores, can narrow down the list of universities you might visit on college trips. Go See Campus can support this process by helping you find schools based on those criteria.

To conduct even deeper research,

  • request recruiting literature from each college,
  • review the university websites and admissions portals, and
  • connect with family and friends who are familiar with the schools.

And if you do not know anyone who has attended the college, Go See Campus' community is here to answer your questions.

Set up your college trips using Go See Campus

Once you have a solid understanding of what each university has to offer, visiting campus can give you an even stronger sense of the school's intangibles. There are other articles in our college advice section that talk about the benefits of visiting colleges, and we encourage you to review them as well.

When you are ready to visit schools, use our College Trip Planner tool to finalize your arrangements. The tool will walk you through the admissions activities and events each university has to offer. It will also help you book your travel arrangements, such as flights, hotel, and rental car. Once you complete your trip plan, all that is left is for you to get excited about the adventure ahead.

Already Planned Your College Visits? Book Your Trip!

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