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There are a variety of college resources available to you whether you are looking for guidance in the admissions process, help paying for school, or other support. Take advantage of these college resources by selecting from the below:


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Private College Counseling and Educational Consultants

Educational consultants are professionals in private practice who assist students in college admissions. Most have experience working in high schools or in college offices.

Educational consultants can support clients in many ways. They might help a student plan a high school curriculum, identify colleges that may be a fit, assist in college applications, help with standardized test preparation, guide a client to financial aid, or offer other support.

Students and their parents should ensure that their educational consultants have the requisite background, education, and training. Look for those who visit college campuses regularly and attend professional conferences. A key factor to consider is whether they belong to organizations that base membership on set criteria, including schooling, experience, peer references, and adherence to ethical guidelines.

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